August Meeting – In Review

Last Sunday, Spartan Association members again met to roll dice, push models around, eat, drink and be merry. A big thank-you to all who showed their support for the club and joined the Spartan Association as members on the day. Your club salutes you! If you are still thinking about taking this step, more details can be found here: If not, that’s OK, but expect to be asked for a gold coin for table fees if you are participating in a game during one of our meetings. This helps cover our costs and enables us to eventually collect useful items for members and guests to use like gaming mats and terrain. (That would save a lot of carting the stuff around – which we are all doing at the moment.) As for the meeting’s gaming – we had the usual selection of historical adventures, including a rather large game of Crossfire. I am reliably informed by the participants of that particular game that an in-depth battle report will be forthcoming, so I won’t elaborate on that any further, other to say that it’s an interesting short campaign. Though some pictures of this SCW engagement have somehow made it to me in advance: We also had a game of Baroque, a first at the club and a good looking game too. Not many pics of this one. (For those who may not know, Baroque is a Rennaissance period rule set based on the Impetus game system.) It was played in 15mm and I cannot remember who the combatants were (sorry gents). Perhaps the players involved could enlighten us? On the ancients front, we saw the usual games of L’Art de la Guerre and Basic Impetus. As usual the armies looked great and the games were very enjoyable. The L’Art de la Guerre game was in 15mm between 100 Years War French and Mediaeval Swedish from 1300, and the Basic Impetus game was in 28mm between Frederick III Imperial Germans and Nikophorean Byzantines. In the former, the Swedes won, and in the latter, the Byzantines.(And the Byzantine cavalry looked amazing!) Yet again, the fantasy and sci-fi side of the hobby wasn’t really in attendance. (Where have you gone everyone?) Though that said I had myself brought down models and terrain for Song of Blades and Heroes. Maybe next time. However, we may have more fantasy and sci fi gaming in our future. Stay tuned. If you are interested in writing (more in-depth) battle reports or articles to put up on the website you are welcome (and encouraged) to do so. Either send it to us here via or drop it to us at a meeting. All submissions are appreciated! Thank-you again to everybody who attended and see you all at the next meeting!