The Meeting That Was (The September One…)

Our September meeting had a good turnout, despite the fact that it was Father’s day, and everyone had a good time, gaming hard, consuming fine food and drinks, and kicking back as usual. Thanks again to all who attended (we couldn’t run these meetings without you).

So, where to begin? September’s meeting had the usual ancients battles, with some Spanish Civil War, WW2 and fantasy games being run to fill out the roster.

First up, the ancients gaming included a game of L’Art de la Guerre, with the Nicophorian Byzantines (Claude) engaging pre-1450 Burgundians (Guy) in mortal combat. The defending Burgundians held firm in the face of the Byzantine attack and won the game. At least one other game was played with these rules on the day, but modern historians are unclear of the participants nor the result of the action, due to a lack of primary sources…

September also saw the lads from Panzer Angriff join us for some gaming. They had their nice terrain with them, and the games they played looked as spectacular as always.

Soviet Heavy Tank vs German Panzer – Ben vs David (reported by David)

Hold the Line mission: the Soviets attacked, infiltrating up Shturmovye infantry with an attached HQ tank and Spetznaz. The preliminary bombardment was ineffective but the supporting tank fire was not. The Soviets maximised their infantry attack, using them to deal with the German half-tracks while the heavy tanks isolated and eliminated the German tank threat. Later bombardments were more effective than the preliminary ones. The objective was taken by the infantry by Turn 3.

A campaign game of Crossfire set during the Spanish Civil War saw its second installment on the day, between the Government and Rebels, as could be expected…

2nd Battle of Merida – Geoff vs David (reported by Geoff)

The unsupported militia deployed in depth with the Army of Africa, not having the numbers for outflanking, concentrating instead on a frontal assault.

Despite the Government militia having no support weapons, frontal assaults on fresh units were too damaging to attempt unless absolutely necessary. They moved forward using as much smoke and as many concealed approaches as were possible. The initial attack on the central village was repulsed with the loss of an entire platoon in close combat. The follow up attack was made by the assault engineer platoon, which was covered by smoke. It managed to take and hold the position against several counter attacks. This allowed the southern defence line to be outflanked and eventually rolled up. Several militia counter attacks were made but none were successful. The central location allowed the Rebels to constrict movement and redeployment of enemy units. Eventually the Government line was rolled up from the flank and after 50%+ losses the militia position collapsed.

Last, but not least, there was also a game of Malifaux played (my first go at these rules and I lost, mistakes were made 😉 ). Details for this were contributed by my opponent, so expect lies! Lies! Lies! Or maybe even a factual account, who can tell? Suffice to say, the Guild is not impressed…

Scenario – Jail Break, between Guild (Perdita Ortega) and Resurrectionists (Nicodem) – Peter vs Damian (reported by Peter)


  • Perdita Ortega
  • Francisco Ortega
  • Papa Loco
  • Abuela Ortega
  • Santiago Ortega
  • Nino Ortega
  • Peacekeeper Construct
  • Enslaved Nephilim


  • Nicodem
  • Sebastian
  • Shikomi
  • Flesh Construct
  • 3 Punk Zombies
  • Vulture

The scenario was for the Guild to rescue Francisco from his cell in the house and get him back to their side of the board. The plan for the Resurrectionists was to stop that happening.

Poor old Francisco was locked up. Again. The Guild guard who put him there probably had their reasons and if he were to think about it hard maybe they were right. But that was not really what he cared about and it was time to break big brother out and get him home.

Except…that drunkard Francisco was stuck. Good.  That smug Ortega could do with a quick smack around the head or equivalent of.

After initial deployment the Vulture flew over the area to have look and get some intel for Nicodem. As soon as it appeared over the posse of guild marching to the house every firearm in the gang was turned on it until a cloud of feathers drifted to the ground.

While most of each side closed on the house, Abuela wheeled herself around the right of the fenced yard with Papa Loco giggling along for company. While admiring the view from the hill Papa noticed a crazy zombie with what appeared to be a bad haircut and samurai swords. He immediately started to lob dynamite at it, as that is what any normal person would do, however it just kept coming. It quickly caught him and started flailing away with its swords. Abuela remained on the hill and saw how much trouble Papa was in so thought it best to shoot the crazed zombie. Sadly, the old matriarch doesn’t shoot like she used to and put a round right through poor old papa as he was lighting the next stick of TNT. The resulting crater left little of him or the zombie.

Meanwhile at back at the house the Peacekeeper had clunked its way around the back to clear some space for the ensuing break out. It was immediately met by a massive oaf made of bits of…..other massive oafs. It swung slowly and clumsily taking paint off here and there while the Peacekeeper went about reducing the abomination back to its constituent parts.

Seeing the situation deteriorating, Nicodem casually wandered away to take stock of the situation and while pondering life quietly on a rock was caught in a hail of gunfire from some woman in a large hat. Rather than philosophising further he thought it better to get of the hill and behind one of his pet zombies while sucking the life out of a soulstone.

While the others were having fun Nino and Santiago went about rushing the housing and getting Francisco to freedom. With a loud bang the house came down around their ears and Francisco was on his way. Hooray!!!!

Except now there was a short ugly man with a blood-spattered apron and a steam powered saw ambling towards them.

With an idiot grin on his face this dumpy butcher wandered up to Francisco and started attacking him with the saw!  Completely surprised by the insane situation he received several bad cuts but worse he did not notice that the saw had not been cleaned lately. Well, ever actually, and it appears that on a normal day this saw is used to change body parts for Nicodem’s experiments.

Francisco’s world went blurry and his face very pale. It is doubtful even the strongest moonshine this side of a whiskey Golem could eat through that infection.

All in all a good days gaming. Hope to see you all again for the next one!