What Happened During Our November Meeting?

Well, gaming of course!

All in all a fairly typical meeting for the Spartan Association. Good company and fun gaming in a great venue. Again we met in the bigger room, which (if you haven’t seen it yet) has huge windows, lots of light and good sized tables for gaming on.

Not much to report on this month, though games were had of Crossfire, Flames of War, L’Art de la Guerre and Full Thrust. Crossfire for one seems to be getting some extra interest of late and it will be great to see how many folks give that a go.

Ben and David from Panzer Angriff continued their Barbarossa campaign using Flames of War as usual. And as usual, lots and lots of attractive terrain and well painted 15mm models to look at.

The Spanish Civil War campaign continued apace using Crossfire. Apparently the government militia are secretly elite special forces. Or so I’m told 🤔… Or maybe it’s just the dice. 😉

A game of L’Art de la Guerre

And of course some Full Thrust. For those familiar with the second edition, that is the version that we played. But we’re looking into Full Thrust: Project Continuum moving forwards as it has more design choices, and it seems that it features some clarifications of the original rules.

And that’s it for November! Make sure to head down to the club for our next meeting on thd 2nd of December at Kingswood Sports Club. See you there, and until then, don’t stop gaming!