Important Message from the Executive Committee of the Spartan Association


Hello Members and Friends,

It is with great disappointment that we have to inform you that all of the Association Meeting dates set for the remainder of 2020 have had to be cancelled, due to the COVID-19 virus being a threat to our nation, and resulting in ever increasing restrictions being placed on all institutions where people are gathering together.

Nathan Lowe, the General Manager of Kingswood Sports Club, our meeting venue, is struggling to keep the whole club venue open, and in order to do so has had to cancel all bookings for bands and social/playing groups, including Bowlers, Darts Players, Poker Players and ourselves. Moreover every second poker machine has been switched off, and all visitors to the club are being set apart as much as possible, to comply with the two square metres per person directive from our government.

I am sure you will join us in wishing Nathan and his staff the best as they struggle to both remain in work and battle to keep the venue functioning.

Following on from this extraordinary situation, we have asked if it may be possible to use the Scoozi Lounge at the venue for our AGM in July, and this is under consideration, although it would appear most unlikely that we will be allowed to gather together at that time unless the Government’s directives are relaxed.

With this in mind we would ask you to keep an eye on our website, and meeting dates list, where we will post regular updates as to our situation in regards to meetings.

Moving forward from this, you will be pleased to know the Executive has been searching for alternative venues for some months, and will continue to do so. However should further restrictions be implemented such as banning meetings of groups of twenty or so, we would have to restrict our activities, as we often have at least this number present on playing days.

Finally, the Executive Committee has been moving forward quickly with preparations for Incorporating “The Spartan Association”, and we had hoped to have a final Constitution presented to an Extraordinary General Meeting, for approval by the members before the Annual General Meeting in July, where it would have been ratified. We are now convinced that due to this unprecedented COVID-19 virus situation, and in order to protect the Spartan Association, its officers and finances, as soon as possible; we will be contacting the Spartiates by email to engage in a round of discussions and voting on the proposed Incorporation Constitution, in order to be able to register this with the Department of Fair Trading at the earliest possible time. Ratification will of course still be required by the members at the A.G.M., when called.

Should you have any questions or need to speak to us about anything, please telephone the Secretary, David Burn on 0466 872 474, or ask on Facebook.

Thank You,

David Burn


Changes to Meeting Dates

Please be aware that our meeting dates have changed a bit. These dates no longer follow the first/third weekend pattern that we had originally set; please check these dates against your calendars! Most importantly, note that the 2020 Annual General Meeting will now be held on the second meeting of July (July 19) and will be (hopefully) the only meeting we have inside the Scoozi Lounge. It is asked that on this day members hold off on playing games until the AGM is completed.

To check the meeting dates you can check our Events page or go to our Facebook group.

See you at the club!