Something that I have chipping away at slowly in the background has been some guys from the Operation Sealion book Warlord released for Bolt Action. It’s a fun looking setting with some really odd units (including the Great Panjandrum) and a lot of thematic scenarios

I am going to use this as a very slow WIP blog, of sorts. So, to start here are a few of the guys I have done/ am still working on:

Get a bit of spare pipe. Cook up some black powder charges in the kitchen and you’ve got yourself a boch bashing bit of artillery

This is Isambard. He filed forms in the last war but now with the arrival of ze falschirmjager he’s had greatness thrust upon him. Well, he assumes that’s the case

Some local oafs think Isambard is on to something and are off to help him bash ze boch. Cause what’s an MP38 when you have a large spanner

I have plans for this one. Any idea?