Important Message from the Executive Committee of the Spartan Association


Hello Members and Friends,

It is with great disappointment that we have to inform you that all of the Association Meeting dates set for the remainder of 2020 have had to be cancelled, due to the COVID-19 virus being a threat to our nation, and resulting in ever increasing restrictions being placed on all institutions where people are gathering together.

Nathan Lowe, the General Manager of Kingswood Sports Club, our meeting venue, is struggling to keep the whole club venue open, and in order to do so has had to cancel all bookings for bands and social/playing groups, including Bowlers, Darts Players, Poker Players and ourselves. Moreover every second poker machine has been switched off, and all visitors to the club are being set apart as much as possible, to comply with the two square metres per person directive from our government.

I am sure you will join us in wishing Nathan and his staff the best as they struggle to both remain in work and battle to keep the venue functioning.

Following on from this extraordinary situation, we have asked if it may be possible to use the Scoozi Lounge at the venue for our AGM in July, and this is under consideration, although it would appear most unlikely that we will be allowed to gather together at that time unless the Government’s directives are relaxed.

With this in mind we would ask you to keep an eye on our website, and meeting dates list, where we will post regular updates as to our situation in regards to meetings.

Moving forward from this, you will be pleased to know the Executive has been searching for alternative venues for some months, and will continue to do so. However should further restrictions be implemented such as banning meetings of groups of twenty or so, we would have to restrict our activities, as we often have at least this number present on playing days.

Finally, the Executive Committee has been moving forward quickly with preparations for Incorporating “The Spartan Association”, and we had hoped to have a final Constitution presented to an Extraordinary General Meeting, for approval by the members before the Annual General Meeting in July, where it would have been ratified. We are now convinced that due to this unprecedented COVID-19 virus situation, and in order to protect the Spartan Association, its officers and finances, as soon as possible; we will be contacting the Spartiates by email to engage in a round of discussions and voting on the proposed Incorporation Constitution, in order to be able to register this with the Department of Fair Trading at the earliest possible time. Ratification will of course still be required by the members at the A.G.M., when called.

Should you have any questions or need to speak to us about anything, please telephone the Secretary, David Burn on 0466 872 474, or ask on Facebook.

Thank You,

David Burn


Changes to Meeting Dates

Please be aware that our meeting dates have changed a bit. These dates no longer follow the first/third weekend pattern that we had originally set; please check these dates against your calendars! Most importantly, note that the 2020 Annual General Meeting will now be held on the second meeting of July (July 19) and will be (hopefully) the only meeting we have inside the Scoozi Lounge. It is asked that on this day members hold off on playing games until the AGM is completed.

To check the meeting dates you can check our Events page or go to our Facebook group.

See you at the club!

Landwaster 2019

Canberra Kriegspielers, Hall of Ancient Warriors, Essex Miniatures Australia, Mick’s Metal Models, Leadbear’s Tufts and Olympian Games present

“Landwaster 2019The Speed DBA 15mm Challenge

  • Venue:                        Austrian Australian Club Heard St Mawson ACT
  • Date:                           Sunday 24th  November 2019
  • Time:                          10:00 AM to 6:00 PM – first game starts at 10:30AM
  • Rule Set:                    DBA 3

Competitors will use a single 12 element 15mm army throughout; the draw will be Swiss Chess Style with historical seeding used for the first round and to resolve ties.


  • Win: 8 Points (Flat rate for Wins)
  • Loss: 1 Point per Element Killed (Max 3) + 1 Point for ending the game
  • Draw/Unfinished Game: 1 Point per Element Killed (Max 3)

Terrain and Armies are available for those that require them.  Contact the organiser for a list of available armies.

Local Conditions

1) Terrain Set Up and deployment is as per DBA3 rules, players are given 10 minutes to dice for attacker/defender, set terrain and deploy. 

2) Total Game time (including set up) is 55 minutes, during each turn the player has 3 minutes to dice for PIPs and move.  Shooting is then adjudicated.  Then a player is given 3 minutes to consider combats before they are adjudicated in a timely manner.

Entry Fee: $18                                                                 


  • $5 for providing your own army.
  • $2 for providing your own terrain
  • $1 for providing your own camp.    

Contact: David Lawrence 10 Attwood Close Gordon ACT 2906 Email: Ph: 04111 44046

This Event is part of the Magister Militum Per Capitoline Territorialis Circuit

Landwaster 2019 DBA Challenge Flyer (282 downloads)

Basing For Kings of War

As Kings of War 3rd Edition looms on the horizon, interested people have been asking questions about how to base for the game. There are a variety of methods, which all involve a reasonable amount of work. However, for those folks who have fantasy armies from the old days (which have remained on their square bases with movement trays): chances are you’ll have little to zero work to do if you don’t want to rebase. For those of us just starting out, or looking to make something more diorama-ish, there is of course some effort required.

Two troops of Skeleton Archers. Models from Citadel, Reaper Miniatures and RAFM.

To begin with, let’s discuss some of the options. I’ll be up-front here, I am in the monobase/multibase camp of Kings of War players. I love the simplicity of the basing style, and the creative control that it allows me. That said, I would be doing the community a disservice if I didn’t mention the other options, so here we go.

The first (and for many, easiest) way to base your army for Kings of War is the old fantasy square basing plus movement tray approach. There is literally nothing wrong with this at all. The base sizes for Kings of War remain exactly the same in most cases and the troop types you may already own will match (or easily approximate) a Kings of War unit without much extrapolation. Anyone who played popular mass battle fantasy games in the last 30 or so years will be completely familiar with this approach. You may have to make new movement trays if your existing ones are too big or small, but that’s it. A well-worn path to be sure.

A regiment sized unit for Kings of War, using the old school fantasy style of basing with a movement tray. This works perfectly well and doesn’t require any rebasing at all. The Dark Elves, however, need a new army list. I’m looking at you, Mantic! (Maybe it’s one of the six new lists they’re adding into 3ed). Figures are all Citadel.

Another option is the “sabot” tray/base. These have cut-outs for individual figures that may already be based for skirmish games, or for something else with smaller multibases than Kings of War. This is a fine compromise if you want to get double duty from your skirmish armies. The only caveat here is the minimum number of figures per base specified in the official FAQ, which stands at 50% of the listed number of figures for the unit, plus one figure (though 66% is preferred). If your skirmish bases are too large (for example, 30mm lipped bases or similar) it may be difficult to make enough slots for a regiment, which at a bare minimum requires 11 figures on the base. Some may see this as a challenge, though I’m not sure it is actually possible every time.

A Skeleton spear regiment ‘monobased’ for Kings of War. There are 18 models in this regiment (more than the bare minimum of 11) and the lower figure count allows for some creative groundwork and figure positioning on the base. Not bad for five bucks at a MOAB Bring and Buy with some of what was lying around. Models by Citadel with some Reaper Miniatures figures as well.

Which leaves us with what some people call “monobasing” and others call “multibasing”. They are the same thing. With this type of basing the unit is built exclusively for Kings of War (there aren’t any other games using this type of basing as far as I know, though of course one could house rule anything). The advantages are many, however. The unit can be built as a small diorama, giving extra flavour to the army, and the units are very fast to deploy and pack away, especially if the bases are magnetised in a metal box or the box is lined with rubber sheeting. It is an elegant solution that is a lot of fun to put together and very nice to look at once complete. It also seems very popular online. I’ve found some examples on YouTube that you can check out which will hopefully further inspire. The back of the Kings of War 2ed rulebook discusses multibasing too.

A troop of Skeleton Archers. This unit has the bare minimum of figures allowed by the official FAQ, that is 50% + 1 figure (a troop is listed as ten figures). Doing this, particularly with missile troops, can help in creating a better ‘firing line’ than two ranks of five models in many cases. Models by Reaper Miniatures and RAFM.

In conclusion, there are no hard and fast rules for basing for Kings of War other than figure minimums and base size footprint. This comes directly from page 3 of the FAQ on Mantic’s website (link below). Other than that, have fun and be as creative as you like.

Links and Further Ideas

Official FAQ for Kings of War: OF WAR/Kings of War FAQ and Errata 290915.pdf

A video tutorial from Mantic on multibasing from Kings of War:

Ronnie (of Mantic Games fame) enthusiastically discussing multibasing in Kings of War (he calls them movement trays, because he’s pushing the official Mantic product, which is yet another option):

Another approach to basing, though I personally wouldn’t base them before painting!:

And another video showing an entire army’s bases textured, detailed and painted ahead of time, with the models added later. Also featured is a simple and effective way to connect smaller units to make larger ones:

The Agora is Gone

We have decided to retire the Agora due to lack of interest. It was online for over a year but got very little use. This means that unfortunately we have no easy online location for club questions or feedback to replace it, other than our Facebook group, which has been very successful.

We are open to suggestions as to how we can provide a non-Facebook solution for those who do not wish to use that site. For now you can email the admin via or see us at the meetings.

AGM 2019

Mark it in your calendar! The next meeting of the Spartan Association (the 7th of July) will be our AGM!

If you are at all interested in helping to shape the future of our club, make sure that you are there. Games will be running as usual too, and if you just want to attend to play games that’s fine as well.

See you on the day!

The Other Side – Slow Grow League

For those looking for something a little different, and on the fantasy side of the table:

Over five months, participants will be able to assemble a viable force for Wyrd’s The Other Side miniatures game. You’ll start with a single commander, and work towards a force with two commanders plus extras. A three colour minimum painting requirement will be in force, so getting those figures painted will be important, but that’s the point of the exercise, isn’t it?

The League will kick off at our April 21 meeting and continue every second meeting of the month for five months. At the end you’ll have both rules knowledge and a painted force!

Contact Nik Richards for further information.

See you on The Other Side!

Meetings Now Twice a Month!

You heard that correctly, the Spartan Association is now meeting twice a month at the fantastic Kingswood Sports Club – due to popular demand!

The downside (if there can really be one) of this new arrangement is that if the Kingswood Sports Club has a function booked in our normal gaming area we will have to retreat to the old “small” room (aka, the Scoozi Lounge). If there isn’t enough space on those occasions some of us will simply have to miss out on our games for that meeting. But hey, there’s another meeting just around the corner!

Hope to see you all at our new, more frequent club events!

Dates are as follows. These will be added as events both here on the website and on Facebook.

March 3rd – Function Room (big room)
March 24th – Function Room
April 7th – Function Room
April 21st – Function Room
April 27th – Breakout From Tobruk (special event)
May 5th – Scoozi Lounge (little room)
May 19th – Function Room
June 2nd – Function Room
June 16th – Function Room
July 7th – Scoozi Lounge – Spartan Association AGM at Noon.