Landwaster 2019

Canberra Kriegspielers, Hall of Ancient Warriors, Essex Miniatures Australia, Mick’s Metal Models, Leadbear’s Tufts and Olympian Games present

“Landwaster 2019The Speed DBA 15mm Challenge

  • Venue:                        Austrian Australian Club Heard St Mawson ACT
  • Date:                           Sunday 24th  November 2019
  • Time:                          10:00 AM to 6:00 PM – first game starts at 10:30AM
  • Rule Set:                    DBA 3

Competitors will use a single 12 element 15mm army throughout; the draw will be Swiss Chess Style with historical seeding used for the first round and to resolve ties.


  • Win: 8 Points (Flat rate for Wins)
  • Loss: 1 Point per Element Killed (Max 3) + 1 Point for ending the game
  • Draw/Unfinished Game: 1 Point per Element Killed (Max 3)

Terrain and Armies are available for those that require them.  Contact the organiser for a list of available armies.

Local Conditions

1) Terrain Set Up and deployment is as per DBA3 rules, players are given 10 minutes to dice for attacker/defender, set terrain and deploy. 

2) Total Game time (including set up) is 55 minutes, during each turn the player has 3 minutes to dice for PIPs and move.  Shooting is then adjudicated.  Then a player is given 3 minutes to consider combats before they are adjudicated in a timely manner.

Entry Fee: $18                                                                 


  • $5 for providing your own army.
  • $2 for providing your own terrain
  • $1 for providing your own camp.    

Contact: David Lawrence 10 Attwood Close Gordon ACT 2906 Email: Ph: 04111 44046

This Event is part of the Magister Militum Per Capitoline Territorialis Circuit

Landwaster 2019 DBA Challenge Flyer (282 downloads)