What Happened In February?

February did roll around quickly! Our second meeting for 2019 is all wrapped up, and it was a good one. There was a good sized turnout and plenty of games were played. As usual we’d like to thank everybody who participated. Let the gaming roll on!

We had some of our regular games, and some not so regular. Flames of War was in attendance with the usual array of nicely painted 15mm World War 2 miniatures. Note the German trucks and tanks, those are 3D prints and not the usual commercial models – they look amazing!

And of course Art De La Guerre made an appearance. A stalwart regular game at our meetings it most certainly has become.

Impetus made a return this month, and some very nicely painted 28mm figures took to the field. In these pics the Byzantines tackle some English from the Wars of the Roses. Not sure who won… The version used was the eagerly anticipated second edition of the game.

John and I had a crack at the new Warlords of Erehwon fantasy mass-skirmish rules from Warlord Games. I feel they will be a good fit for all of those fantasy 25/28s gathering dust in many gamers’ collections. It uses the activation dice system seen in Gates of Antares and Bolt Action, and the rules are reasonably easy to learn. The factions are all classical fantasy types, so very easy to choose and use whatever range of models you like best. Games will speed up a lot (of course) once we properly get the rules nailed down, and I have now learned not to charge against Dwarf loonies with a chariot…

Speaking of Fantasy gaming, there was also a game of Games Workshop’s Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game. Makes me want to get me a copy so I can rouse the Easterlings and their Haradrim allies again…

Last, and certainly not least, was a mighty game of the venerable Napoleonic Shako rules. This was played in 15mm and saw a lot of units swirling about the battlefield, locked in mortal combat. A table full of 15mm horse and musket era miniatures always looks good, and this was no exception.

And that’s all for February! Once again, thanks to everybody who made the trip in to see us, and we hope to see everybody again on March 3.

Until then, keep gaming, and may your dice all roll well!

Welcome to 2019! And Our First Meeting Report…

Welcome to a new year of gaming one and all!

The Spartan Association had its first meeting for 2019 a week ago on January 6. Like always we thank those folks who made the time to join us for gaming at the Kingswood Sports Club.

It was a reasonably quiet meeting, as one would assume from the time of year, but still packed full of hobby goodness and much dice rolling. It seemed that one person did appear to absorb all the dice luck in the room at one point though, but we won’t name him (or hold it against him… hehe). Suffice to say, spectacular dice rolling, Sir!

The usual suspects brought their games along, so we did see the likes of Art de la Guerre, Crossfire and Flames of War at the club, along with an appearance by the Polemos rules Obstinate and Bloody Battle for 6mm. These rules are quite interesting, and I can see it being a thing for a number of people at the club. It certainly captures the feel and momentum of the age of linear warfare in an interesting way. Yes, the following images are of 6mm figures:

We also had the usual Art de la Guerre gaming going on, this time rather mediaeval in flavour:

Some Crossfire (World War 2) occurred in the center of the room. Geoff brought the suitcase boards to this meeting. Crossfire is interesting in that in plays quite well on small boards and lends itself to a fairly portable setup like this.

The lads from Panzer Angriff brought their brand of 15mm WW2 mayhem to the club, looking great as always. This time early war, I believe, with lots of Cossacks riding hardy steppe ponies and many small tankettes on display.

Last, and certainly not least, there was some custom terrain on display, mostly laser cut by the gentleman who brought in to the club. The biggest of the laid out terrain was suitable for 15mm Modern gaming (like Team Yankee or similar) but there were buildings from many different periods and genres on display. Excellent workmanship and well designed pieces with double thickness walls and good access to all levels. We hope to see more of this in future. Good stuff indeed!

And that’s another month wrapped up! Again, thank you to all who attended in January, and we hope to see you all again in February. Until then, as always, keep gaming, and may all your dice roll high!

What Happened During Our November Meeting?

Well, gaming of course!

All in all a fairly typical meeting for the Spartan Association. Good company and fun gaming in a great venue. Again we met in the bigger room, which (if you haven’t seen it yet) has huge windows, lots of light and good sized tables for gaming on.

Not much to report on this month, though games were had of Crossfire, Flames of War, L’Art de la Guerre and Full Thrust. Crossfire for one seems to be getting some extra interest of late and it will be great to see how many folks give that a go.

Ben and David from Panzer Angriff continued their Barbarossa campaign using Flames of War as usual. And as usual, lots and lots of attractive terrain and well painted 15mm models to look at.

The Spanish Civil War campaign continued apace using Crossfire. Apparently the government militia are secretly elite special forces. Or so I’m told 🤔… Or maybe it’s just the dice. 😉

A game of L’Art de la Guerre

And of course some Full Thrust. For those familiar with the second edition, that is the version that we played. But we’re looking into Full Thrust: Project Continuum moving forwards as it has more design choices, and it seems that it features some clarifications of the original rules.

And that’s it for November! Make sure to head down to the club for our next meeting on thd 2nd of December at Kingswood Sports Club. See you there, and until then, don’t stop gaming!

October Meeting In Review

Our October meeting was great as always. Thanks to everyone who attended, and a big welcome to any folks who attended for the first time (there were a few of you!). It was great to meet you all and I hope you had a good experience with us.

It was also the first time the meeting was held in the bigger room directly opposite to where we have been before. (It was a lot bigger.) A plus is the tables in that space are already big enough to fit a 6×4 gaming mat without trestles if you put two together, or, if you are into 15mm ADLG (or similar), one table could quite easily fit two games at once.

Again a big shout out to the lads from Panzer Angriff, who ran two spectacular games of Flames of War on the day. I believe these were games based on the invasion of Poland, 1939. In one of these shots it looks like the forest has developed laser weaponry and is wiping out scores of panzers… (not intentional, I assure you, honest…)

We also had some L’Art de la Guerre action with the Spartans invading 15th Century France (or maybe it was the other way around… my sources vary on the historical interpretation of the events). Not sure who won this one, though it was an interesting match up.

Song of Blades and Heroes was again played during the meeting. This is an interesting (and somewhat unusual) fantasy skirmish game that is really worth trying out, as it isn’t like anything else you may have played. The game played was quite large for the rules and it was easily completed within the time of the meeting.

Finally, there was a game of Full Thrust, a starship game that was originally published in the 1990s. In fact, I played in this one and I hadn’t played it since the 1990s. Though we didn’t have such nice neoprene gaming mats back then. Just frayed black cloths…  But hey this was fun. And we’ll be bringing it back – we thought Full Thrust was a keeper. Thanks to my opponent for a thoroughly enjoyable game even though it was really only a learning game (or relearning, in my case).

Overall a great time was had by all. We hope to see you all again at our next meeting in November, and may all your dice roll in your favour!

The Meeting That Was (The September One…)

Our September meeting had a good turnout, despite the fact that it was Father’s day, and everyone had a good time, gaming hard, consuming fine food and drinks, and kicking back as usual. Thanks again to all who attended (we couldn’t run these meetings without you).

So, where to begin? September’s meeting had the usual ancients battles, with some Spanish Civil War, WW2 and fantasy games being run to fill out the roster.

First up, the ancients gaming included a game of L’Art de la Guerre, with the Nicophorian Byzantines (Claude) engaging pre-1450 Burgundians (Guy) in mortal combat. The defending Burgundians held firm in the face of the Byzantine attack and won the game. At least one other game was played with these rules on the day, but modern historians are unclear of the participants nor the result of the action, due to a lack of primary sources…

September also saw the lads from Panzer Angriff join us for some gaming. They had their nice terrain with them, and the games they played looked as spectacular as always.

Soviet Heavy Tank vs German Panzer – Ben vs David (reported by David)

Hold the Line mission: the Soviets attacked, infiltrating up Shturmovye infantry with an attached HQ tank and Spetznaz. The preliminary bombardment was ineffective but the supporting tank fire was not. The Soviets maximised their infantry attack, using them to deal with the German half-tracks while the heavy tanks isolated and eliminated the German tank threat. Later bombardments were more effective than the preliminary ones. The objective was taken by the infantry by Turn 3.

A campaign game of Crossfire set during the Spanish Civil War saw its second installment on the day, between the Government and Rebels, as could be expected…

2nd Battle of Merida – Geoff vs David (reported by Geoff)

The unsupported militia deployed in depth with the Army of Africa, not having the numbers for outflanking, concentrating instead on a frontal assault.

Despite the Government militia having no support weapons, frontal assaults on fresh units were too damaging to attempt unless absolutely necessary. They moved forward using as much smoke and as many concealed approaches as were possible. The initial attack on the central village was repulsed with the loss of an entire platoon in close combat. The follow up attack was made by the assault engineer platoon, which was covered by smoke. It managed to take and hold the position against several counter attacks. This allowed the southern defence line to be outflanked and eventually rolled up. Several militia counter attacks were made but none were successful. The central location allowed the Rebels to constrict movement and redeployment of enemy units. Eventually the Government line was rolled up from the flank and after 50%+ losses the militia position collapsed.

Last, but not least, there was also a game of Malifaux played (my first go at these rules and I lost, mistakes were made 😉 ). Details for this were contributed by my opponent, so expect lies! Lies! Lies! Or maybe even a factual account, who can tell? Suffice to say, the Guild is not impressed…

Scenario – Jail Break, between Guild (Perdita Ortega) and Resurrectionists (Nicodem) – Peter vs Damian (reported by Peter)


  • Perdita Ortega
  • Francisco Ortega
  • Papa Loco
  • Abuela Ortega
  • Santiago Ortega
  • Nino Ortega
  • Peacekeeper Construct
  • Enslaved Nephilim


  • Nicodem
  • Sebastian
  • Shikomi
  • Flesh Construct
  • 3 Punk Zombies
  • Vulture

The scenario was for the Guild to rescue Francisco from his cell in the house and get him back to their side of the board. The plan for the Resurrectionists was to stop that happening.

Poor old Francisco was locked up. Again. The Guild guard who put him there probably had their reasons and if he were to think about it hard maybe they were right. But that was not really what he cared about and it was time to break big brother out and get him home.

Except…that drunkard Francisco was stuck. Good.  That smug Ortega could do with a quick smack around the head or equivalent of.

After initial deployment the Vulture flew over the area to have look and get some intel for Nicodem. As soon as it appeared over the posse of guild marching to the house every firearm in the gang was turned on it until a cloud of feathers drifted to the ground.

While most of each side closed on the house, Abuela wheeled herself around the right of the fenced yard with Papa Loco giggling along for company. While admiring the view from the hill Papa noticed a crazy zombie with what appeared to be a bad haircut and samurai swords. He immediately started to lob dynamite at it, as that is what any normal person would do, however it just kept coming. It quickly caught him and started flailing away with its swords. Abuela remained on the hill and saw how much trouble Papa was in so thought it best to shoot the crazed zombie. Sadly, the old matriarch doesn’t shoot like she used to and put a round right through poor old papa as he was lighting the next stick of TNT. The resulting crater left little of him or the zombie.

Meanwhile at back at the house the Peacekeeper had clunked its way around the back to clear some space for the ensuing break out. It was immediately met by a massive oaf made of bits of…..other massive oafs. It swung slowly and clumsily taking paint off here and there while the Peacekeeper went about reducing the abomination back to its constituent parts.

Seeing the situation deteriorating, Nicodem casually wandered away to take stock of the situation and while pondering life quietly on a rock was caught in a hail of gunfire from some woman in a large hat. Rather than philosophising further he thought it better to get of the hill and behind one of his pet zombies while sucking the life out of a soulstone.

While the others were having fun Nino and Santiago went about rushing the housing and getting Francisco to freedom. With a loud bang the house came down around their ears and Francisco was on his way. Hooray!!!!

Except now there was a short ugly man with a blood-spattered apron and a steam powered saw ambling towards them.

With an idiot grin on his face this dumpy butcher wandered up to Francisco and started attacking him with the saw!  Completely surprised by the insane situation he received several bad cuts but worse he did not notice that the saw had not been cleaned lately. Well, ever actually, and it appears that on a normal day this saw is used to change body parts for Nicodem’s experiments.

Francisco’s world went blurry and his face very pale. It is doubtful even the strongest moonshine this side of a whiskey Golem could eat through that infection.

All in all a good days gaming. Hope to see you all again for the next one!

The June Meeting in Review

Here be the photos from the last meeting (lots more were taken this time!).

Thanks to everyone who attended this month, it was an amazing turnout and many games were had. Of the seven games, six were ancients (Impetus Basic and L’art de la Guerre) and one was a game of Crossfire (WW2 company level actions). Though it has to be said:

“Come on you fantasy and sci-fi gamers out there, you simply must turn up and show these historical players how it’s done!” (There, I’ve laid down the challenge…)

Don’t forget this Sunday’s (10th June) bonus meeting at Kingswood Sports, see you there!

Again, as usual, pics or it didn’t happen:

Last Sunday’s Meeting

A belated thanks to all those who attended the club meeting on Sunday. (Better late than never, says I… Well it is Friday today… )

We had a good turnout, seeing the usual miniatures games in action (Infinity, Impetus Basic and l’Art de la Guerre) as well as some new (to the club) folks bringing a rather interesting sounding board game that got some play.

See you all again next month!

Again, pics or it didn’t happen:

February Meeting

Our February meeting was held last Sunday and, as usual, we had some good gaming and met some new faces. A big welcome to all the new people visiting the club and thanks to the regulars for participating and making the experience so very enjoyable.

This month saw Impetus Basic, Infinity and L’Arte De La Guerre being played at the club. No photos though. 🙁

Our next meeting will be on the 4th of March. See you there!

December Meeting

A huge thank-you to all who attended our second meeting in Kingswood. The room was full of tables with games deployed in all their splendour, and judging from the general discussion everybody had a good time.

It was also good to see a wide selection of games being played. Games from fantasy (Age of Sigmar) to World War 2 (Crossfire) to ancient and mediaeval (L’Art de la Guerre and Impetus) and science fiction (Infinity) were being played.

These images have also been posted on our Facebook group, so some of you may have seen them already…